Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Structure with edible plants, and seminar at La Torre de los Vientos
Over the course of two months, I conducted a seminar with a group of plant specialists. Given the vertical space inside La Torre de los Vientos (see next page), I designed a system for growing plants suspended by a complex of pulleys. This vertical garden was discussed as a potential horticulture set for self- consumption. While taking care of the hanging garden, we engaged in peripheral activities such as tree climbing, leaf cataloguing, and other experi-ments to test cognitive models derived from the botanical world. The structure of the seminar was built the participants knowledge. In the sessions, we sought analogies between cinema and photosynthesis or links between music and plant growth, etc. A record of each session was posted in an email newsletter and new guests were invited to work on the garden and talk on related subjects.
Monocotyledonian Thought:          centrifugal unfolding

Arborescent Thought:          stemming notions

Rizomatic Thought:          polydirectional associations

Epiphytal Thought:          tangent links

Phototropic Thought:          enlightened reverie

Fungiform Thought:          emerging from moist shadow

Tuber Thought:          subconscious musings

Succulent Thought:          finger fleshiness

Florid Thought:          the forgotten art of slow smiling

Osmotic Thought:          the sapiens’ sap

Caducifolium Thought:          ideas that fall

Angiospermic Thought:          cross pollinated influences

Xilematic Thought:          concentric chronicles