Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Model, ceramic and wood
This project for a park design consists in a series of mushroom-shaped cast concrete forms that, depending on their height, serve different functions. For example, an eighteen-inch-tall mushroom would act as a chair, a thirty-inch-tall form would be a table, and one that is ten feet tall would serve as a sheltering umbrella.

The motivating force for both the name and form of this structure were the construction codes that exist for architectural construction in the United States. For example, in any given state, there are both minimum and maximum heights for architectural structures, implemented to prevent both climbing and falling. This series of mushrooms conforms to (and plays with) this code, as the gaps between each mushroom fall within the set limits, even if each mushroom in and of itself does not. In this way, this sculpture forms a visual topography of the liability code.

Moreover, this structure was an experiment in creating a variety of pieces of furniture (tables, chairs, shelters, etc.), all of which were based on the same form and which strove to avoid a recognizable anthropomorphic referent. While forming these various pieces of furniture, the mushrooms simultaneously form a set of steps above and a shelter below.