Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Video, 6’
While I was in an artist's residency in Upstate New York, I found an old book about fantastic architecture in the university library. In this book, there was an engraving of a building near New Jersey made in the shape of an elephant. I asked my friend María José to join me on a trip.
We decided to go out into the streets disguised as elephants in search of the elephant building. This video tells the story of our expedition.

[fragment] (...among all zoomorphic enclosures, elephantine buildings best fulfill the requirements of human shelter. Its bulky torso can accommodate spacious halls while its legs hide spiral staircases...) [fragment]

MDF model
This series of sculptures started as a homage to the great structural engineer Eladio Dieste. They are studies for future buildings to be made in ceramic blocks.
Wood model