Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Corian sculpture
I write a word next to a mirror trying to find if another word can be read in its reflection. For example, the word “language” can be read from the other side as “geometry”, or the word “Antarctica”, becomes “statistics” etc. This is achieved by twisting a bit the calligraphy until another word starts to take shape in its reflection. This form is then extruded and made into a physical object. One single shape becomes the container of two words, therefore two meanings.
In the ambigram series:
antarctica - statistics
dow jones - blowjob
empire - enquire
language - geometry
doubt - faith
robot - today
monument - trembling
puzzled - blessed
oil - lie

Fiberglass and steel
Having three loops this chair is next step from the moebius strip. It is inspired in a piece of furniture I once saw called gossip chair, a 19 century object in the shape of a helix where two persons sit and a third one may overheard the conversation.
The moebius strip as a metaphor can be related to an encounter with a topological Twist:

a) it would be necessary to travel across the full length of the strip to find yourself in the exactly opposite side where you began.
b) Every point is reachable as long as we are willing to walk far enough.

With three loops this condition becomes a bit more entangled. The name, Gordian Knot reffers toa n aneadote when Alexander The Great was faced with the challenge of a knot so complicated no one had ever solved before.

He decided to “solve” the knot taking his sword and cutting through as saying that was his answer.

Aluminium, mechanical parts
Ciclomóvil is a man-propelled vehicle I designed as movility alternative for México's city. This ergonomic transportation produces no emissions and could potentially alleviate traffic congestion. Combining design and engineering, it is also a participative work.
The full project incliudes an exhibition but also a buisness incubator for phases such as technical research and development, implementation of an assembly line, management, development of a brand, and commercialization.

Collage, plexiglass and pain on wood
In Mexico City, some people spent up to 6 hours a day in their car, going to and from their work place. Travelling over the totality of the Anillo Periférico (the freeway that surrounds the entire the city) may take between 5 and 7 hours. Imagine millions of drivers carrying out this journey very slowly, fighting boredom by contemplating the cityscape. Mi proposal consists in a series of interventions on the pedestrian bridges that punctuate this circuit. Each bridge would have an epigram or an aphorism from authors presented in chronological order. This peripathetic scheme would show a selection -obviously a partial one- of universal thought, which could nevertheless be a threshold toward a deeper interest.
Ladrillos de ceramica en miniatura

Wire, cardboard, vinyl cord