Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Concrete, furniture
Eschigo Tsumari Triennial, Japan
The new does not necessarily replace the past. We live in an era of anachronisms in which new neighborhoods are made in the fashion of old villages. I thought that if we traveled into the future, we could see architectural styles go backwards. The ultimate house of the future then, would be a cave. In the distant future we will become cavemen again.

I worked with a group of elders from the village of Matsunoyama, in Nigata, Japan. My proposal was to make a teahouse a bit inspired in thoserepresentations of the Buddha where his head has all this round culrs of hair. Freom the inside round bubbles show fragments of the landscape, like bubbles of floating worlds. It was built in the rainy season, all in concrete and all by hand. Small balls of concrete were made in their hands and placed in rows to build the walls. The elderly man told me that the making of this building reminded them of their youths, when they caressed women. To them, this building was like mother nature - one big breast made of many small breasts - so they finished the construction by shaping a tiny nipple on the top.