Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Group Activity, Video 25 min, Wood and Carpet construction, Arnolfini, Bristol UK
In collaboration with The Studio Upstairs
I was invited to work with a group inspired by R.D Lang's principles of a non-hierarchical environment. Here, individuals with certain psychological problems share a workplace. Labels such as “sane” and “insane” are abolished and replaced by a common status in which everyone is an artist.

Before my arrival, I asked the group to keep diaries of their dreams. Each of them chose a dream with which to work.

We didn't seek interpretation; symbols are entirely personal and only the dreamer can say what they really mean. Waking thoughts, once set into motion, press to be completed in dreams. By turning dreams into short movies, we aimed to create a third realm, or metadream.

These metadreams worked in two ways: for some, they were a space not only to stage their dreams, but also to introduce changes to them. Thus, the resulting process was akin to lucid dreaming. Others, as a side effect of their psychiatric medications, had lost the capacity to dream. As a result, these people had to recall dreams that were twenty years old.



1. Do you record your dreams in some way? How?

2. Do you have music in your dreams? What kind?

3. Do you think that, in your dreams, you can establish contact with somebody who has died?

4. Do you dream in color or black and white?

5. Does the 'you' that other people dream about have any connection to you?

6. Do you ever swim or fly in your dreams?

7. Do medications/drugs influence your dreams? How?

8. Are the people that you dream about known to you, or are they a combination of more than one person?

9. If you dream of a sexual encounter, is it satisfactory? Until what point?

10. Do you have many recurring dreams?

11. Would you like to be able to replay your dreams?

12. How many of your dreams contain or manifest strong feelings?

13. How m any dreams do you not remember?

14. Have any images from advertising ever appeared in your dreams? If so, which?

15. Do you ever dream about dying? If so, did you wake up? Did you keep on dreaming?

16. Have you ever met yourself in your dreams? If so, did you tell yourself anything?

17. What is reality? Whose reality is it?

18. Could you make an appointment to meet someone you know in your dreams? How?

19. Do you tell people that you have dreamt about them?

20. Are you able to go back into your dream after waking?

21. Do you dream about particular parts of your body? Which parts?

22. What sort of animals appear in your dreams?

23. Would you like there to be a place where you could rent other peoples dreams? Would you want your dreams to be included?

24. Have you ever taken control of your dreams (lucid dreaming)?

25. Have you ever confused memory and dream?

26. What would a dream museum be like? When is a dream a nightmare?