Pedro Reyes - Artist
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SANATORIUM. Instruction piece, therapy.
Guggenheim Stillspotting
In this therapy participants are given the chance to write their own epitaph in either plain or poetic language.

Most people never get to know what epitaph will be written on their tombstones, although some - especially writers - leave instructions for what they want to be the summary of their life.

In this exercise you get to choose some words which will tell future cemetery goers something about you, and perhaps about the meaning of life.

1. Take a few minutes to compose the words for which you will be remembered and write a draft.
2. Once you have completed your draft, choose 2 cards for your epitaph and place them on top of each other.
3. Gently pick up the letters of the metal stamps and hammer your epitaph letter by letter.
4. Once you have completed your lettering, you may place your epitaph in the 'cemetery'.
5. Keep the second copy for yourself.