Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Custom made furniture, plexiglas game pieces, symposium
Ideas for Iraq worked as a think-tank and discussion forum focused on the Iraqi occupation.

The discussion takes place around a table cut in the shape of the map of Iraq, and other tables representing its neighboring countries, reminiscent of scaled maps used by the military. These maps are used to plan and strategize military attacks or missions.

The table serves as a pedagogical tool to visualize the geographical, political, economic, military and demographic actors in the territory. It features Iraq's principal geographical characteristics. Furthermore, acrylic figurines represent infrastructural, demographic, civil and military objects: oil production facilities, natural resources and key civil and religious buildings. Additional pieces represent civilians from different ethnic groups, journalists, soldiers and armed forces both from Iraq and other countries. Participants are invited to use these elements on the table in order to illustrate their thoughts before entering discourse. Only until they lay out the pieces they can verbalize their thoughts, but not before. Ideas are arranged on the table in a way similar to a checkerboard, a game board or a strategy game.

In parallel to the discussions around the table, the conversations are recorded and included in the project's archive.

Experiment Marathon
Reykjavik Art Museum

› Pedro Reyes, artist
› Magnús orkell Bernharsson, PhD in Middle Eastern History
› Gurún Dögg Gumundsdóttir, Director of The Icelandic Human Rights Center
› Sólveig Anna Bóasdóttir, PhD in theology
› Linda Rós Alfresdóttir, MA in Islam and Middle Eastern History, Ministry of Social Affairs, Immigration
› Stefán Pálsson, historian, member of CAMB, Campaign Against Military Bases
› Viar orsteinsson, philosopher, editor of “Islam with a discount”, 2007
› Jón Ormur Halldórsson, PhD in political science
› Herdís Sigurgrímsdóttir, Major, Public Information Officer of the NATO Training Mission in Iraq
› Jóhanna Kristjánsdóttir, writer

Conflict Resolution
San Francisco Art Institute

› Teddy Cruz, artist
› Susan Greene, artist, educator and clinical psychologist
› Colby Buzzell, Iraq war veteran
› Evelyne Jouanno, art historian and curator