Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Rompecabezas, Labor Gallery
This volcanic stone sculpture has various perforations in which one can insert additional stone carvings of eyes, noses, ears, hair, mouths, and other body parts. the sculpture thus becomes a kind of puzzle that continuously changes form depending on the various interactions with the public. This piece, titled Pico della Mirandola, is the beginning of a new series of sculpture portraits.

This work was inspired by a conversation with Antanas Mockus (see p.x); while we talking about the notion of social sculpture we mentioned the Italian Renaissance philosopher, who articulates the concept of man in the following passage, 'All creatures are brought into the world completed. except for man who was left unfinished: You will be able to make out of yourself what you will. If you wish to be like the beasts, you will be a beast; if you wish to be like the angels, you will be like an angel. no specific form or function has been assigned to you.'
This volcanic stone was known for it's use in pre-Columbian times to make idols and pyramids. Because of it's hardness it's also used for the making of metates and molcajetes - stone utensils to grind corn which have been in use since 3000 years ago.