Pedro Reyes - Artist
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SANATORIUM. Instruction piece, Therapy.
Stillspotting, Guggenheim Museum, NY
This is a cathartic procedure. Your therapist will ask you to blow up a balloon and draw on it the face of the person who has hurt you the most in your life. After doing so, you will place the balloon on top of a punching bag shaped as a headless dummy. Your therapist will encourage you to hit the dummy, yell at it, tell this person why you hate them so much and how he or she did wrong. Get even with the dummy until the balloon bursts. At the end you will ingest a sugar pill, a placebo labeled as 'Vaccine Against Violence.'

To our minds a symbolic act has the equivalent power of a real act. Consequently, the symbolic destruction of a person may free us from the drive to act against that person in real life.

This therapy aims to make real acts of violence redundant, freeing the subject from long-standing hatred